Air Fryer Salmon

Air Fryer Salmon

If you haven’t air fried your salmon yet, you must do it tonight.  Get a six-ounce salmon filet, lightly brush Olive Oil or a cooking spray onto the salmon. I suggest kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper on each side of the salmon. Once you’ve done that, place them in your air fryer basket and cook for 10 minutes at 360 degrees to enjoy your  air fryer salmon .

If you want to add another salmon filet to your basket, add a few minutes to your cooking time. Be sure not to crowd your basket, a golden rule for any food you cook with your air fryer.

The texture of the air fryer salmon will mimic the texture of a perfectly baked salmon. This provides a quick and tasty meal. Pro-tip: grab a bag of UNCLE BEN’S Ready Jasmine Rice (I always buy in bulk to have on hand) to cook alongside in the microwave. The rice cooks in less than 4 minutes and adds a simple side salad and you have a healthy meal in less than 10 minutes. This also makes clean-up simple with just a quick rinse of the air fryer basket.

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