🥇Chefman Digital 6.5 Liter Review in 2021

Chefman Digital 6.5 Liter Reviews in 2021

Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 12 inches
Wattage: 1700
Controls: Digital
Weight: 14.15
Brand: Chefman
Color: Black
Model Number: Digital 6.5 Liter/6.8 Quart Air Fryer
Capacity: 6.5 liter
Max Temperature: 400
Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.

🥇Chefman Digital 6.5 Liter Review in 2021 2🥇Chefman Digital 6.5 Liter Review in 2021 3
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The Chefman Air Fryer Digital 6.5 Liter is a family-sized air fryer. This is a multi-functional appliance that can bake, grill, or roast virtually anything, making it the ultimate cooking machine for your kitchen. This Chefman air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology, which circulates hot hair at high speed to cook your favorite foods and produces a crispy fried texture with only a fraction or no oil.


  • Adjustable temperature range from 175-400 degrees
  • Extra-large capacity with increased space by 40%
  • Versatility: digital temperature control & 60 minutes of integrated time
  • Easy to clean with an air fryer basket is non-stick and is removable making it dishwasher safe.
  •  Includes access to Club Chefman for tailor-made step-by-step recipes, tutorial videos, and more!


  • Large Capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Digital interface
  • Easy to use


  • Users have experienced basket handle issues


The 6.5 liter digital Chefman Air Fryer is the perfect size for family cooking but also great for personal use. The dishwasher safe basket makes for very quick clean-up. The digital interface makes for easy use for this air fryer that goes up to 400 degrees to cook your food with a crispy texture.

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🥇Chefman Air Fryer 6.5 Liter Review in 2021