🥇Dash Air Fryer Review in 2021

Dash Air Fryers Reviews in 2021

People love eating fried dishes a lot for many centuries. Reasons apart, but it also involves high oil consumption and adverse effect on health. Everyone loves the taste of fried foods, but don’t want to risk their health. It will be wonderful If there is a way to cook fried foods without the health risk. Isn’t it?

🥇Dash Air Fryer Review in 2021 2🥇Dash Air Fryer Review in 2021 3
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The Dash air fryer comes to the rescue with its advanced technology to cook fried foods. The air fryer cooks the food with the heat produced in the air, it is like a micro oven but with a slightly varied physics. Let us dig deep into all the aspects of Air fryer along with its pros and cons.

How does the Dash Air Fryer look?

The exterior of this Air Fryer feels tough and durable. At the same time, it does not weigh too much, easy to lift, and easy to use. You can choose between five colors, Aqua, White, Black, Red, and Grey. Except for white and aqua, all the other three colors has a glossy finish and looks more attractive.

Similarly, the price of the Aqua and White is lesser than the other three, but the specs are the same. When it comes to the dimensions and exterior design, this Air fryer looks more compact and simple than most of the top-rated Air Fryers in the market.

How does the Dash Air Fryer work?

Dash Air Fryer is a user-friendly yet effective cooking appliance that delivers healthy fried foods. Firstly, look at the display and the settings panel. The screen displays the temperature level and preset modes that are selected. Even a novice can understand the controls in less than a minute. It is all about setting the temperature and time to cook.

Fill up the cooking pot in the Air fryer with the ingredients. Further, Once you are done with the settings, just hit the play button. Then, the cooking process starts. The Air Fryer starts cooking the food for set temperature and time. After the cooking process is completed, just remove the food, place it on a plate, do some garnish, and serve them hot and tasty food.

Dash Air Fryer uses Air Crisp Technology. As a result, the food needs very little to no oil to cook your food. In fact, it doesn’t require oil, but still, a little oil on the surface of the ingredients will help maintain the exact taste of the foods cooked in a deep fryer with a lot of oil.

How does the Dash Air Fryer handle?

When compared to other top Air fryers in the market, this is a good choice for a 4 member family to cook Appetizers. 2 QT capacity makes it convenient to cook starters for everyone at once.

No oil or very little oil, non-stick coating inside the cooking pot makes it easier to clean and maintain this Air Fryer. You don’t have to wash it necessarily, few tissue-paper should do the trick. Also, due to the compact size, it can be put on your counter permanently without any disturbance.

Takes very less time than a microwave oven, quick and easy cooking.

What can be cooked in Dash Air Fryer?

This is a very interesting part of the story. Frozen Fish Sticks, Frozen Nuggets, Frozen French fries, most of the frozen foods can be cooked. In Addition, chicken wings, onion roles, and what not?. After using this Air Fryer for one or more times, you will be able to understand that literally any fried food can be cooked with Dash Air Fryer.

Dash Air Fryer French Fries

Features Overview:

AirCrisp Technology: Uses no oil, fry the foods with the heated air. Thus, delivers a tasty yet healthy fried food

Temperature Control: Depending on the food you are trying to cook, you can increase or decrease the temperature settings. Thus, you can avoid foods getting burned or wasted all of a sudden.

FDA Tested and ETL Certified: The metals, plastic, and other materials used to construct this Air fryer tested by the Food and Drug Authority of the United States. Also, it has an ETL certification.

Display Panel: Display panel shows the temperature and time settings, it helps to monitor while you increase or decrease the temperature or time settings.

Compact and convenient dimensions: When compared with most of the Air Fryers in the market, this is one of the most compact and convenient Air Fryer. Weighs much lesser than their rivals.

Dishwasher–safe parts: The cooking pot and the tray is made “Dishwasher-safe”, hence, you’ll be able to wash these parts in your dishwasher without any worries.

Auto Shut off Function: Auto shut off feature in this Air Fryer eliminates the fear of overcooked foods. Even if you forgot to switch it off, after the set time, it switches off automatically.

Cool-touch technology on handle and housing: Keep the heat within, hence the surface of the Air Fryer remains cool. No worries about scorching your fingers.

Non-Slip Feet: If at all your countertop is glassy or slippery, still this Air Fryer can manage the show without falling while you use it.


1000 Watts1.2Liters2 QTTruGlide Non-Stick, Plastic and Metal9”x8”x12”


Dash Compact Electric Air Fryer 1.6L is a pretty good device to cook healthy fried foods. Taste of the foods cooked in this Air Fryer is at par with deep-fried foods. But also, Aircrisp technology reduces the fat content and cholesterol contents 70 to 80%. Power consumption is controlled and utilizes moderately. Also, cooking time is comparably less than other Air Fryers in this price range.

🥇Dash Air Fryer Review in 2021 2🥇Dash Air Fryer Review in 2021 3
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Dash Air fryer is made using high-quality materials durably, lasts longer than most of its competitors. When it comes to performance, it can beat many high priced Air Fryers in the market. Handling is also pretty decent.

Overall, this is one of the neat and efficient pieces of work. Has value to the money, at the same time offers the maximum quality and performance. Then why to wait, go ahead and buy it now. You won’t be disappointed at all. Be sure about that.

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🥇Dash Air Fryer Review in 2021
🥇Dash Air Fryer Review in 2021 6

Dash Air Fryers Reviews in 2021 People love eating fried dishes a lot for many centuries. Reasons apart, but it also involves high oil consumption and adve

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