šŸ„‡Nuwave Air Fryer

Nuwave Air Fryer Overview

NuWave Air Fryer uses hot air and high-speed air circulation to perfectly cook your favorite fried foods, which results in healthier food to enjoy that has that same crispy texture as an oil fried food. You can even go with an oil-less fryer. Ā  With the NuWave Air Fryer you can bake, roast, and grill a wide variety of foods using little to no oil.

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Nuwave Air Fryer Features

TheĀ NuWave Air Fryer includes a removable drawer and food basket that have a durable nonstick coating. The drawer and food basket in theĀ NuWave Air Fryer is dishwasher safe, which is a lifesaver when you made that quick dinner for the kids and now they want to play. I would normally leave my dirty pots and pans out to wash after the kid’s bedtime, but I’d be lucky if I got to them the next day.

With the digital LED controls on theĀ NuWave Air Fryer, it ensures accuracy and a consistent crispy food every time I use it.Ā  The temperature ranges from 100 degrees to 390 degrees and I can control the temperature in 5-degree increments. There are auto pre-heat features, but I rarely use it, I’ll just dump my food in the basket and start cooking.

Speaking of the digital LED controls, this is a very cool feature. My past air fryers only have manual knobs, so it was nice to see the bright blue LED display on my new NuWave Air Fryer. Other features include a digital timer and built-in automatic shut-off – just in case I got sidetracked and left the nuggets in too long. The LED display gives me precise info that lets me know exactly what the cooking temperature is so I don’t have to guess. Looking for accessories? Check them out here.

The baskets are very sturdy for theĀ NuWave Air Fryer. As mentioned above, the basket does have a durable nonstick coating, which helps me use even less oil. The air fryer basket grate is designed in a pattern that creates an even heating surface.

The NuWave Brio

The NuWave Brio sets perfect on your kitchen countertop but does come in on the heavy side weighing 20lbs. At times, the basket does stick and can require both hands to remove it from the main body.

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It seems as though you need to reach around the entire air fryer and feel for the release pin to close it every time after opening. By doing this to lift the cover, you need one hand for the pin and the other to pull out the basket. Ā The NuWave Brio features wattage controls up 1500 watt and can cook almost four pounds of air fried chicken wings at a time.

The NuWave Bravo

The Bravo is the larger line of the Nuwave air fryer products. The Bravo features 1800 watts of power compared to the Brio’s 1500. What I like most about the NuWave Bravo is theĀ Flavor infusion technology and integrated temperature probe which helps eliminate the guesswork of cooking.Ā  With the Flavor Infusion Technology, the NuWave Bravo XL takes full advantage of the 1800 watts of power by cooking with three quartz heating elements that are located at the top and bottom of the air fryer.

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The integrated temperature probe is something new that I haven’t experienced with an air fryer. This is an excellent feature to use when cooking a whole chicken. Just insert the probe inside your chicken and the NuWave Bravo XL will control the cooking cycle based on the chicken’s internal temperature, rather than the oven cooking temperature or cook time. This really takes the guesswork out of under-cooking, especially with poultry and pork, which I hate to guess.