🥇Top 10 Air Fryer Accessories

So, you just purchased a new air fryer. Congratulations! Whether you purchased it to help live a healthier lifestyle or love the easy clean-up, there’s one thing you need to consider: air fryer accessories!

I’ve put together a top 10 list below for your much have air fryer accessories. Take a look, let me know what you’ve added to your collection!

Top 10 Air Fryer Accessories:

1. Parchment Paper

This is great to keep around the kitchen when you don’t want to make a greasy mess in your air fryer. These parchment paper inserts make clean so easy. Just place them in your air fryer, cook your food, toss the parchment paper liners, and you are done. Tip: don’t put these liners in your air fryer if you are letting the fryer warm up. Warm up the fryer first then place the parchment paper insert in to start cooking your food.

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2. Gloves

OXO Good Grip Gloves. Sometimes, you just need to stick your hand in the air fryer to grab your food. You can do this with tongs, but sometimes the tongs will end up crushing your food or you’ll squeeze them too hard. You need these gloves to protect your fingers because your food will come out super hot. Don’t risk burning your hand on the food or the interior of the air fryer.

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3. Digital Thermometer

This is a must for any air fryer cook or kitchen. Make sure you aren’t guessing when those chicken wings are done. BTW, have you tried chicken wings in the air fryer? Coat your chicken wings in a light dusting of corn starch for an extra crispy wing (recipe coming soon!). With a digital thermometer, there is absolutely no guessing what temperature your food is and most will have an easy to read guide printed on the thermometer cover to show what temperature to cook certain foods.

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4. Oil Spritzer

You purchased your air fryer to cut back on all the greasy oils. Here’s the simplest way to make sure you aren’t dumping tons of oil onto your foods before placing it into the air fryer. For some foods, you’ll want to add a tiny amount of oil to make sure your food crisps up properly. With an oil sprayer, just give your food a spray or two and you are only using a small fraction of deep-frying.

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5. Cake Barrel

Cake in the air fryer? You’ve got to be kidding me? Nope, even dessert fans can enjoy air fryers. You can use it to cook sticky buns, cakes, and even bread pudding. My personal favorite is cheesecake!

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6. egg bite mold

Have you had Starbucks egg bites? Well, now you can cook them in your air fryer. These are super healthy for you and they freeze excellently. Make them with all egg whites and vegetables for an excellent start to your day.

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7. Silicone Tongs

As we mentioned above with the gloves to protect your hands, you can also use silicone tongs to easily grab your food. Sometimes, it’s just easier to grab some tongs (dads, click them twice before using) and grab your food out of the fryer. I use tongs when I serving my family food, so I don’t appear like a caveman handing out food with my hands.

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8. muffin cups

Same theory as the cake barrel, but designed for muffins. Hot and fresh muffins from the air fryer are the way to go. I’ll have a very quick recipe for you soon, but is there ever a bad time to eat a muffin? There are days I’ll eat them for breakfast in the morning and then dessert after dinner.


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9. pizza pan

I love air fryer pizza. Reheated pizza in the air fryer makes me feel like I’m living in 3019 instead of 2019. Never again will I eat it any other way. Aside from reheating it, you gotta cook your own personal size pizzas in the air fryer. My kids love creating their own (extra cheese, always) and popping them into the air fryer. Smash out your dough (recipe coming soon) into the air fryer pizza pan and then start to create your masterpiece.

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10. recipe book

Recipe possibilities are endless, almost. There’s always an end and to end this top 10 list I’ll recommend getting an air fryer recipe book. These books are designed for cooking in the air fryer as well as saving you time and most of the time in a healthy way. Almost all of us are using an air fryer in an attempt to be a little healthier, so take a few minutes researching a new recipe like a Chicken Cordon Blue with just a misting of olive oil. YUM!

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