🥇Top 5 Reasons To Get An Air Fryer For A Busy Family

Top 5 Reasons To Get An Air Fryer For A Busy Family

air fryer chicken wings

  1. It’s quick and easy

    We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long day at work and you pick up your kiddos from daycare and they immediately want a snack – but you have to cook dinner. Easy solution, pop some chicken nuggets, french fries, or frozen meatballs into the air fryer and you have a quick dinner ready in less than 10 minutes. Yeah, you could pop them in the microwave, but my kids give me the thumbs down at soggy nuggets. Nuggets come out crispy, fries are always golden brown. Quick, easy, and to the point. This is a win for me every time.

  2. No monitoring

    Let’s face it. You are reading this because you like crispy fried food. If you were to fry your food you have to be constantly watching it to make sure it’s not burning as well as flipping and turning sides. No flipping your food here, the air fryer circulates the hot air around the food at high speed, cooking the food and producing a crispy layer via the Maillard effect. WTF is the Maillard effect? I have no idea, but here’s a Wikipedia article about it if you really want to nerd out. This doesn’t mean you just leave it on forever until it burns. I will occasionally open the basket and shake my fries, just to make sure every part is getting extra crispy.

  3. Easy to use

    Seriously, air fryers are easy to use. Stick your food it in, and turn it on! There are quite a few air fryers that come with accessories, but when it comes down to it, I always keep it simple. I’ve used everything from dumping a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts to hand coating some chicken breasts. Every time they turn out great. I usually spritz all my food with either an olive oil spray or I’ll even use cooking spray. I’ve read that cooking spray can be bad for your air fryer and limit its overall use from the spray build-up, but I haven’t run into that problem, so I’ll continue to use it with my Black & Decker air fryer. Pro tip: re-heat your leftover pizza in the air fryer. This is a game-changer for me and the “go-to” way for me to eat my leftover pizza. The pizza comes out crispy on the bottom and the cheese is melted perfectly. No soggy crust for sure.

  4. No Mess

    Splatters everywhere. What happens to me every time I try to pan-fry chicken or some hand-cut french fries. With the air fryer, it’s all contained and with a fraction of the oil. The huge plus is I’m not cleaning kitchen countertops after using my air fryer. After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is clean up grease all over my kitchen or even worst, leave until the next day to clean it.

  5. Easy Cleanup

    Since the food cooks in the contained basket, all I do is clean out the basket with hot water, soap, and a sponge. I’ll dry it with a paper towel and put it back up. I usually let it cool down for a few minutes, but there have been times where I’m just in a hurry so I wash it out immediately after cooking. So far, this has worked great. It literally takes me less than one minute of clean up from when I put the food on my kids’ plate to drying it from washing it out. This is one of the big selling points for me, along with the no mess on the kitchen countertops after cleaning.

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