🥇Yedi Houseware 8-in-1 Digital Screen Air Fryer XL

Yedi Houseware 8-In-1 Digital Screen Air Fryer XL

Of course, all of us are fond of fried foods but most of us are afraid of health issues associated with those fried foods. Our grandparents and parents have raised us with the mindset of fried foods as comfy foods. We all know fried chicken, fried cheese sticks and French fries are delicious! But, the problem is that these foods affect the health and wellbeing of the individual. The reason behind this is that these foods contain a lot of calories and fats which is because of seed or vegetable oil employed for deep frying.

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Just think, minute baked potato comprises about 93 calories while the deep-fried French fries contain about 319 calories. Because of these fried foods, health problems like obesity, chronic illness, and other heart-related problems may arise. For avoiding these health-related problems, nowadays people are looking for better options for preparing their favorite meals. One way to get rid of these issues is by using healthier oils like olive, avocado, and coconut oils for frying. Another possible approach is to use alternative methods to cook those fried foods.

One of the best and well-known methods for cooking is the use of air fryers. These machines permit you to cook food because of the hot air flowing inside the fryer and surprisingly it employs about 70-80 % less oil. Thus, for eliminating heart-related problems, and for being healthier, lose weight you need to move towards best air fryer and you can use it without any second thoughts since it’s filled with bounteous advantages and benefits.

Are you planning to own a new comfy air fryer? Do you feel confused about what to buy? To help you out, we have reviewed the best fryers in the market and provided features and benefits of the best fryer in the market. Let’s explore the advantages and interesting benefits of Yedi Houseware 8-in-1 Digital screen Fryer XL.

How does the Yedi Houseware 8-in-1 Digital Screen Air Fryer XL Work?

Fryers usually provide you with delicious foods just by utilizing hot air. Nowadays, for making the users comfy advanced technologies have been employed and in this fryer rapid air circulation technology is employed for cooking foods with less or no oil. With such an interesting and innovative technology, you can easily prepare your favorite dishes like pork, pizzas, fries, chicken, and so on. Similarly, this Yedi Houseware fryer does exist in the market with attractive features and benefits. For having more clarity about the product just keep on reading.

Key Features

Deluxe Accessory Cooking Kit- This product is worth owning since it comes with an amazing accessory cooking kit and the kit comprises 8-inch cake carrel, pizza pan, 50 perforated parchment steaming papers, metal holder, multi-purpose rack and rubber mat. Recipes- Yedi Houseware apps for android and iOS and the Yedi Houseware online website are bounteous with attractive delicious recipes to help its customers with new dishes. It updates recipes every week. 75% Less Fat Foods- As mentioned earlier, Yedi Houseware is the healthiest alternative since it involves only the tablespoon of oil. Overall, it employs about 75 % less fat. Digital Touch Screen- Another interesting aspect of this electric appliance is its modern and sleek design. By accessing the digital touch screen, you can easily control and operate the appliance.Start/stop button- Start/stop button in the fryer allows altering the settings of the appliance even in the middle of cooking. 5.8 QT Capacity- It’s suitable for large families comprising about 4-5 members since it is capable of cooking a large quantity of food.

Why Buy?

There are plenty of fryers that do exist in the market, but there are also plenty of reasons why the Yedi Houseware is the best one of all. Most users claim that with this fryer they can easily prepare their favorite food easily.

#1- Easy control and Advanced Features

Yedi Houseware 5.8 QT fryer satisfies all your expectations and capable of feeding delicious food to your entire family. Its digital screen allows you to fix or alter the temperature and cooking time while cooking and you can also choose the built-in programs based on the type of food you are preparing.

#2- Eat Healthy Foods

Since foods cooked with the help of this fryer is free from calories and fats and hence it’s the best healthiest alternative for everyone. For making the food, it consumes 75 % less fat than the usual scenario and hence you can be healthy and enjoy your favorite food whenever you feel like eating.

#3- Customer Satisfaction

Trusted and guaranteed services will be offered by the seller and if any damage or repair occurs in the appliance within 12 months of purchase, then the appliance can be repaired or replaced by the provider, and thus you can buy Yedi Houseware with cent percent confidence and effort.

#4- Taste Delicious Foods

By accessing different recipes available on the Yedi Houseware apps and the online website you can cook delicious and tasty food for your family members. At the same time, you need not be worried about cleaning this air fryer since it’s easy to maintain and operate.


Compared to the traditional deep fryer, it employs 75 % less oil. All parts in the fryer can be washed and cleaned with the help of dishwater. Multifunctional in nature- you can fry, roast, grill, and bake food in this appliance without much effort. Temperature can be altered and it is much faster than a traditional fryer. Nice and compact design with easy accessing features.Digital display screen for knowing the details about cooking time and temperature of the fryer.


It’s quite bulky in nature and hence it needs the desired space for storing it.

Final Verdict

The Yedi Houseware 8-in-1 digital screen air fryer is a perfect appliance that can perform multiple functions like frying, baking, steaming, roasting, and grilling any kind of food. It will resolve all your health-related problems since it reduces the amount of fat obtained via seed or vegetable oil to a great extent. It is large and hence suitable for preparing for a family comprising of about 4-5 members. It’s capable of conserving your time, money, and cleaning.

Ensuring the safety of one’s family members is mandatory for all individuals and hence make sure whether your family is consuming healthier foods every day and if not you can pick this product instead of frying your food in a deep oil fryer or pan since using deep oil fryer may lead to health-related problems and weight gain.

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