🥇ZenChef PRO Air Fryer Review in 2021

ZenChef PRO Air Fryer Reviews, Tips & Guides in 2021

ZenChef Air Fryer Intro

With the growing concern for health from fried food leading to obesity, overweight, heart disease, diabetes, an increased number of people are switching to air fryers as a healthier option. When you cook food using an air fryer, you don’t have to use an excessive amount of oil. ZenChef PRO Air Fryer is the best option to buy.

🥇ZenChef PRO Air Fryer Review in 2021 2🥇ZenChef PRO Air Fryer Review in 2021 3
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ZenChef PRO Air Fryer is the family size – biggest capacity air fryer ever. With a 5.8 quarts capacity, it enables you to cook food for the whole family. Even you can put the chicken as whole. into it. It can cook for a family of up to seven people. You can accommodate it in any countertop. It will make the fried delicious as it is in the case of a common deep fryer. However, food cooked in the air fryer is healthier.

What does ZenChef PRO Air Fryer cook?

You can make baked potatoes, pork chops, steak, drumsticks, hamburgers, lasagna, cakes, mac & cheese, trains, quiches, and a lot more. It makes the food crispy on the outside and juicy, moist, and healthy with little or no oil. It cooks food pretty fast jus during the preheating time. There is no need for fatty, unhealthy oils. By this, you can make a meal for the whole family in a short span of time – in thirty minutes. The drip tray can be cleaned easily and catches the excess fats in to make frying guilt-free. The food cooked, thus has fewer calories and less fat. There is no smell of oil or a splash of oil. You will not mess things up. The safe basket can be easily cleaned with a dishwasher.

How does it work?

How it works – ZenChef PRO Air Fryer is equipped with Superheated Rapid Air Technology. The heating mechanism will make with a circular motion of hot air inside the fryer. This will help extract the fat from the food being cooked.

The air fryer cooks by circulating the air around the food using the convection phenomenon. The mechanical fan sends out the hot air around the food at a high temperature, and thus cooks them and makes the food ready.

The heating results in a chemical change called the Maillard effect. The reaction happens better an amino acid and sugar in a heated environment. It leads to a change in the color and flavor of the foods cooked.

Deep-fried foods contain a higher level of fat than foods cooked in the air fryer. Thus, for example, a chicken breast that has been fried has about 30 % more fat than an equal amount of roasted chicken. Cooked in deep fryer use 50 times the oil used by air fryer.

Research shows air frying rustled in a final cooked product with less fat substantially and has a similar amount of moisture and has the same color as deep-fried food.

Air fried foods are healthier when compared to deep-fried foods because of their lower content of fat and calories. This happens because the food cooked is not dipped in oil. Instead, air frying needs just a tablespoon of oil to reach a similar taste in the conventional stove.

The outcome is the food has a minute quantity of fat but is identical in color, moisture, texture, etc. This is good for your health for sure.

If you regularly cook your food in ZenChef PRO Air Fryer, you will enjoy tasty food each day and at the same time, you stay away from harmful cooking methods as well as food.

How can an air fryer reduce your fat consumption?

Fried foods contain an excess of fat when compared to foods cooked in other methods. Deep-fried chicken is likely to have 30 % more fat because of the excess oil used to roast it in the oven.

And, when it comes to air fliers, your consumption of fat will come down as much as by 75%. This is because:

You will not have to use a high amount of oil as you do in deep frying which causes an increase in fat. Deep-fried recipes need not less than four cups of oil. Contrary to this, in air fryer cooking, you need just one tablespoonful oil.

ZenChef Air Fryer features

ZenChef PRO Air Fryer is powered at 1800 w. The LED panel will make it easy to use by touchscreen features. The touchscreen and presents enable you to get complete control of the gadget. The air fryer can cook steak, fries, poultry, meat, shrimp, pastries, and pizza. It cooks at 170 F to 400 F.The digital display and the timer that programmable is very easier and simpler when compared to the competition. When the cooking process starts and continues, there no need to monitor or change the amount of heat. It has double protection from overheating and has a 30-minute timer. Further, when cooking is done, it gets switched off automatically.

Design – Note that when you cook in the air fryer, the food will not touch the plastic when it is inside the basket. The basket is deep and non-stick and gains heat fast and circulates the heat evenly to bring out the best results.

Extra big capacity – ZenChef PRO Air Fryer has a capacity of 5.8-quart. It is meant to fit any kitchen.

The design is compact and stylish. It is convenient and to store, and occupies a low amount of space.

You can detach the basket easily from the fryer when you wish to serve the food. To prevent accidental or inadvertent detachment, it has a button guard.

Non-sticky ware – The air fryer basket is made from nonstick material in multiple layers and the material is resistant to scratches.

All the interior parts of the appliances are FDA approved, are safe, and contain no PFOAs.

Pause and standby Mode – Once the cooking is done, the air fryer comes to standby mode. The fryer also features pause butter. Pressing this button you can know if food has been cooked well.

Cleaning it is easy – The removable parts are safe to be used in the dishwasher for cleaning and they can be cleaned easily. The pitching style of the basket circulates heat. However, the food does not stick in the interior as it happens in mesh baskets.

The cook guidebook presents more than 50 recipes.

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